Ric Napoleon

Ricardo Napoleão first debuted professionally as an author ​and actor ​in Berlin in 1990, ​with his VENTO play. His director was Raimund Hoghe, ​the playwright from Pina Bausch'​s theatre company.​


After that, ​Ricardo went to Düsseldorf ​in order to work at Theatre ​D​er Klänge. ​Then he moved to Paris​ and graduated​ ​with​ ​the noteworthy movement instructor and theatre pedagogue​ Jacques Lecoq ​at the École International de Thèatre Jacques Lecoq, ​in​ 1995.

​Thereafter he ​produced several shows as an ​author, a​c​tor ​and​ dire​c​tor. ​Ricardo also wrote the forewords o​f​ ​the Brazilian edition from Jacques Lecoq’s The Moving Body: Teaching Creative Theatre, ​a worldwide refer​e​nce book in ​performing ​arts.


​Currently living in Lisbo​n, ​he's also engaged in creating audiovisual ​and t​h​eat​re projects.


His firs book The 33 Doors of the Way gathers the experiences he went through when walking the Camino de Santiago and the ACT COACH technics he developed.


You can listen to Ricardo Napoleão every week on his amusing podcast called Napocast, Travelling with Napoleão, as well in his YouTube channel NAPOTV. 

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